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UpStackified JS Event SDK documentation

To load the non-shopify JS pixel, you can use the following snippet inserted into the <head> tag of every page

<script src='' async='true'></script>
  window._adqLoaded =0;
  window._upsqueue = window._upsqueue || [];
  window._upstack = window._upstack || function () {
  window._upstack('init', 'xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx')  // replace with your UpStackified Pixel ID

UpStackified PixelID can be found by logging into UpStackified and copying the following value
upstackified pixel id

All events are tracked by calling UpStackified Pixel's `_upstack('track')` function, with the event name, and (optionally) a JSON object as its parameters.

For example, here's a function call to track when a visitor has completed a purchase event, with currency and value included as a parameter:

_upstack('track', 'purchase', {currency: 'USD', value: 30.00});

Add to Cart Example:

_upstack('track', 'add_to_cart', { value: 115.00, currency: 'USD', items: [{ id: '301', price: 39.99, quantity: 1, content_type: 'product', }, { id: '401', price: 39.99, quantity: 2, content_type: 'product', }] });

List of Standard Events:

export declare enum TRACKING_EVENT_NAME { 
ADD_PAYMENT_INFO = "add_payment_info", 
ADD_SHIPPING_INFO = "add_shipping_info", 
ADD_TO_CART = "add_to_cart", 
ADD_TO_WISHLIST = "add_to_wishlist", 
COMPLETE_REGISTRATION = "complete_registration", 
CONTACT = "contact", 
INITIATE_CHECKOUT = "initiate_checkout", 
LEAD = "lead", LOGIN = "login", PAGE_VIEW = "page_view", 
PAGE_TIME = "page_time", 
PURCHASE = "purchase", 
REFUND = "refund", 
SEARCH = "search", 
START_TRIAL = "start_trial", 
SUBMIT_APPLICATION = "submit_application", 
SUBSCRIBE = "subscribe", 
SIGN_UP = "sign_up", 
VIEW_CART = "view_cart", 
VIEW_CONTENT = "view_content",
SELECT_SHIPPING_METHOD = "select_shipping_method", 
VIRTUALIZED_VIEWED_PAYMENT_FORM = "virtualized_viewd_payment_form"}

Optional Event Data Parameters:

export interface TrackingEventData { 
  [key: string]: any;
  isSyntheticWebhookEvent?: boolean;
  firstName?: string;
  lastName?: string;
  email?: string;
  phone?: string;
  addresses?: AddressInfo[];
  cartId?: string;
  transactionId?: string;
  orderId?: string;
  orderName?: string;
  affiliation?: string;
  currency?: string;
  price?: number;
  subtotalPrice?: number;
  value?: number;
  tax?: number;
  shipping?: number;
  discount?: number;
  coupon?: string;
  paymentType?: string;
  shippingTier?: string;
  creativeName?: string;
  creativeSlot?: string;
  locationId?: string;
  promotionId?: string;
  promotionName?: string;
  items?: GenericContent[];
  orderSourceName?: string;
  tags?: string[];

Updated on: 04/15/2024

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