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How to Setup Google Ads destination

1. On you UpStackified dashboard, click on “ +Add Destination “ in the right hand corner of your browser window.

add destination

2. In the “ Select a Destination ” popup window, click on “ Google Ads“
3. In Google Ads go to Goals -> Conversions -> Summary -> Find your Primary Conversion Event (Purchase) and click into it
Your Conversion Goal might be named differently - find the Primary Event linked to your conversion
google Ads conversion event

4. Scroll down to Tag Setup -> Click Use Google Tag Manager
tag setup google ads

5. In the first box type type "AW-" then paste in the Conversion ID from Google Ads

Google Ads conversion Label / Id
google Ads conversion configuration
6. In the second box paste in the Conversion Label from Google Ads
Google Ads conversion Label / Id

6. Click Create Configuration button

Updated on: 04/11/2024

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