Articles on: Onboarding / Installation

Complete How-To Guide to Onboarding Facebook / Meta inside UpStackified

Articles on: Onboarding / Installation

Follow These Three steps to get the most out of your Meta destination

1. Create and configure the Facebook / Meta destination integration in UpStackified. This will enable us to send data via browser pixel and CAPI to Meta.
* How to configure Facebook / Meta Pixel Destination?

2. Disable your Facebook / Instagram Sales Channel "Customer Data Sharing"
You must disable all other Facebook Pixels / Integrations, or you will end up with duplicate conversions and events
* Steps to deactivate the Facebook and Instagram Sales Channel Pixel.

3. Setup New Customer Purchase Metrics (NC-ROAS, NC-CPA) in Meta Ads Manager
* Set up New Customer Purchase Metrics in Meta / Facebook

What to Expect after setting up Meta Destination

Event Match Quality scores will start to improve in 2-3 days and normalize in 7-10 days.
We can typically expect a 1 - 2 point increase in scores on lower funnel events (Page View, View Content, Add to Cart)
The Purchase event match quality will remain unchanged - this is because at the time of purchase, all event match parameters like email, name, address are already being sent to Meta

* You may see new warnings in Events Manager indicating "Update Recommended" next to your events. THIS IS NORMAL and no action is needed

Updated on: 05/04/2024

Updated on: 04/28/2024

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