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Set up New Customer Purchase Metrics in Meta / Facebook

This section describes how to set up the New Customer Purchase conversion in your Facebook Ads Manager.

After this section, you will be able to see New Customer metrics such as New Customer ROAS (NC-ROAS), Cost per New Customer Purchase, etc. right in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Open Meta Events Manager and look for the ncPurchase event and click Verify by either hovering over the event of clicked review custom events and verify

verify nc purchase
verify NCPurchase event

b) Once Verified - Set up NC Purchase as a custom conversion

Go to your Meta Events Manager and click on Custom Conversions > Create custom conversion.

create customer conversion

Fill in NC Purchase in the Name field, and pick ncPurchase in the Event field.

pick NC Purchase event

If you do not see the ncPurchase event, go to the Facebook Events Manager overview and verify this ncPurchase -event before continuing. ​

In the Choose a standard event for optimization-field, choose Purchase. ​

choose purchase for optimization

In Rules, choose URL, doesn’t contain and fill in `doesnotexist` in the form field. Press “enter” after you fill in until you see your input become light grey. After that press Create. ​

setup nc purchase rules

create custom conversion

Now the Custom Conversion is created, we need to share it with our Ad Account. Click on the dropdown on the right for the new conversion you just created. After, click Share.

Click Share with an Ad Account.

Mark all the ad accounts you want to use this new Custom Conversion in.

Click on Share Custom Conversion.

The custom conversion is now created, time to show it in your Facebook Ads Manager. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager and click on Columns > Customize Columns.

Under Custom Conversions you will find your NewCustomerPurchase, choose Total and Cost to show total conversions and cost per New Customer Purchase.

To add NC-ROAS, we need to create a custom metric, click on Create custom metric.

Call your custom metric NC-ROAS and for Formula choose: `NewCustomerPurchase Conversion Value` ÷ `Amount spent`. Click on Create metric. Be sure to mark Everyone with access to this Business if you want to share the metric.

Also include `NC-ROAS` in your Customize columns if you want it to show up there.

Done 🎉

📌 Initially, it will seem like no New Customer Purchase data is showing up in the Ads Manager because Meta does not support attributing custom conversions from the past.

Updated on: 05/21/2024

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