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How to Setup Sendlane Integration

1. On you UpStackified dashboard, click on “ +Add Destination “ in the right hand corner of your browser window.

add destination

2. In the “ Select a Destination ” popup window, click on “Sendlane“
3. In send navigate to Settings -> API -> Sendlane API V2 -
generate sendlane API token

4. Click "API Token" Button and give it the name "UpStackified" and click Create
create sendlane token

5. Copy Generated API Token and paste it into the Field in UpStackified named "API Access Token"
copy sendlane api token
paste into field

6. Next, go to Sendlane Audience -> Lists -> Click to Add New List
add list

7. Name the list "UpStackfied" and click "Confirm" to create the list
8. Next, go to Sendlane Settings -> Integrations -> Click "Connect" Custom integration
connect custom integration

9. Click Configure -> Click Setup Integration
10. Fill in the store details and select the newly created "UpStackified" list and click Continue
setup new custom integration sendlane

11. Now the Integration is created, click the Settings icon and copy the Token and Paste it into Upstackified Sendlane Integration Token
field. Click Create Configuration
get token from settings
copy integration token

11. If Successful you can verify the new events were created by clicking the "Events" icon
custom events
custom events sendlane

Updated on: 04/22/2024

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