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How do I find my Facebook Pixel / Dataset ID?

Articles on: Onboarding / Installation

To find your Facebook Pixel ID, follow these steps:

Navigate to Facebook Business Events Manager. You can access it directly using this link:

In the Events Manager, you will see a list of your available Pixels (if you've already created one). If you haven't created a Pixel yet, click on the green "Connect Data Sources" button, select "Web," and then click "Get Started." Follow the instructions to create a new Facebook Pixel.

Once you have a Pixel, click on its name in the list. You'll be taken to the Pixel's overview page.

On the Pixel overview page, you can find your Facebook Pixel ID in the top-left corner, under the Pixel name. It's a 15-16 digit number.

Copy and Paste your Facebook Pixel ID into UpStackified Facebook Integration

Click Create or Update Configuration

Find out How to Generate your Facebook Ads Conversion API Key

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Updated on: 05/04/2024

Updated on: 04/10/2024

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