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How does the UpStackified Shopify App work?
How does the UpStackified Shopify App work?
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Our leakproof pixel technology accurately tracks every conversion and event in real time across all platforms. Prevent data loss, bypass ad-block and IOS 14.5+ changes with unblockable first-party tracking. Improve advanced matching and unmask anonymous users with device fingerprinting.

  1. Fixes data signal loss. Improves tracking quality due to IOS14 and IOS15.

  2. Multi-pixel support: Setup multiple pixels for Facebook, Google, TikTok and more

  3. Pixel improves ad campaign feedback loop: Better data In = Better results out

  4. Bulletproof Pixel Conversion API has server tracking by default w/ easy install

  5. Resolve tracking limitations: Bypass AdBlock, 3rd party cookies and IOS14.5+

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